Santa beard with wig (12"/30 cm)

long white Santa beard (12"/30 cm) with wig - front view
long white Santa beard (12"/30 cm) with wig - front view

Product Code: BRO1

Are you worried about being too young for Santa? You don’t have any grey hair of your own? Or perhaps there’s simply too much of a risk that the children will recognise you? A well-chosen Santa beard with wig will disperse all your concerns for good – just take a look in the mirror, as you won’t be certain it’s really you that you see there...

Our white Santa beard in a set with a wig is nice and thick, its hair arranged in natural curls and waves and 12" (30 cm) in length (some locks of hair are even 15.5"/40 cm long!). Santa’s beard is kept in place with two tough elastic straps. And for that extra certainty you can also glue it to your face with special beard adhesive. The Santa wig is perfect for covering the wearer’s own hair, ears, and elastic straps of the beard – making sure that Father Christmas isn’t recognised. The entire set – the Santa beard with wig – looks very believable and suits the typical Santa Claus image. At the same time it’s convenient to use.

NB: this product only includes the Santa beard and the wig, while other costume parts visible in the photos can be bought separately.