Santa pastoral staff (Santa-bishop Crosier)

Santa pastoral staff, Santa-bishop Crosier
Santa pastoral staff, Santa-bishop Crosier

Product Code: PASD

The best staff for Santa, made of wood, on the market!

Such a staff is an absolutely must-have if you want to complete your Santa outfit – lending the character authority and commanding respect. It is also to help Santa, to provide that extra support when hauling that heavy sack full of presents. Our sturdy wooden staff will come in handy both for Father Christmas in the traditional Santa Bishop costume and for the Santa in a more modern outfit, made of fleece or velour; all of these suits are available from our shop.

Santa’s staff is 6'2" (189 cm) long and 1.5" (3.2 cm) in diameter. It is made of wood and dyed gold, while the decorative top is made of plastic. It has a felt pad on the bottom – as Santa wouldn’t like to damage the flooring in the homes he visits, after all.

Our Santa staff is easy to store (and keep out of children’s reach) and carry around, since it can be disassembled into 4 parts (the longest of which measures 21.5"/ 55 cm).