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Large Santa sack

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big Santa sack, Santa with sack
big Santa sack, Santa with sack

Product Code: WOR2

Santa is always a guest everybody really looks forward to! And the excitement reaches its zenith with the contents of his sack, packed full of presents. Did Father Christmas read my letter? Does he have my dream present in there? And Santa’s sack really can hold tons of them.
It measures 27.5" x 43.5" (70 x 110 cm) and is made of stretch, and as it is also fitted with a drawstring Santa can also rest assured that even the smallest of gifts in the sack are not going to fall out as he speeds along in his sleigh.

NB: this product does not include items shown in the photo other than the sack.

Machine wash 40 ℃
Dry clean only
Tumble dry normal
Bleach as needed
Cool iron