small Santa's brass bell with wooden handle
small Santa's brass bell with wooden handle

Product Code: DZW3

That pleasing sound of a bell can be heard well before it gets close. It must be a sign that Father Christmas is approaching with a sack full of presents! So it’s high time to get ready for his visit.
This bell is small in size but made with the utmost care.
Our brass Santa bell features a comfortable brown wooden handle. It measures 6" (15 cm) in length, while the actual bell’s diameter is 2.5" (6 cm). Santa’s bell makes a pleasant sound (you can listen to it here), and the children really like it when Santa Claus lets them play with it – even if only for a moment. Very effective if things get too loud during Santa’s visit – the resounding sound of the bell immediately gets everybody’s attention.

The bell may also be used as a school bell, for example in after-class activities; it certainly helps hold the attention of distracted children.

NB: this product does not include costume parts shown in the photos other than the Santa bell.