Felt Santa suit set - 7 parts

cheap interfacing Santa suit, felt Santa suit
cheap interfacing Santa suit, felt Santa suit

Product Code: STRO3

There are 7 parts in this Santa suit set:

Santa jacket, trousers and hat made of thick felt; the jacket, lined on the inside, is adorned with a white band of faux fur, 4" (10 cm) wide. Featuring a zip, it also has snap fasteners at the collar and waist. The hat is trimmed with white faux fur and a pompon.
NB: wigs do not fit beneath the Santa hat (meaning that the beard’s elastic strap may remain in sight).

Santa beard – white and thick, and measuring 12" (30 cm) in length, it is held in place with elastic straps.

Santa belt – broad (3.5" / 9 cm) and suitably long (60" / 150 cm) for Santas of all ranges of girth to be able to use it. Adorned with a gold coloured buckled. A smart addition to the Santa outfit.

Santa boots – in the form of special boot covers, made of imitation leather; 22.5" (56 cm) in length, trimmed with white faux fur. Elastic straps at the bottom pass beneath the soles of the wearer’s shoes to hold the boot covers in place. A Santa outfit without the right footwear loses a great deal.

White gloves – made of cotton, and a perfect complement for the Santa costume.

This Santa suit is suitable for people of heights 5'3"-6'2" (160-190 cm); for details, see the Measurements chart.

Washing instructions for coat and trousers:
Hand wash
Do not dry clean
Do not tumble dry
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Washing instructions for gloves:
Machine wash 40 ℃
Do not dry clean
Dry flat
Do not bleach
Do not iron

A 31.5" (80 cm)
B 63" (160 cm)
C 18.5" (47 cm)
A min. 24" (60 cm)
max. 52" (132 cm)
B 28.5" (73 cm)
C 17" (43 cm)
A 15.5" (40 cm)
B 21" (53 cm)

Recommended Accessories:

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